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The "LL Thumb Blog" custom block template is designed for use with a blog-style page. Alternatively you could use it for a news-style page or anything else you wish. It will display an automatically resized image along with the page name (linked), published date and short description. This custom block template is designed to be responsive so it will automatically adjust itself on smaller browser screens.

The image is added using a custom page attribute. You can assign an image from your File Manager to a particular page via the Dashboard File Manager. Simply click a page and choose "Properties" followed by "Custom Attributes". Locate the attribute called "Page Thumbnail" and click it. This will add the attribute to the list on the right ready for you to use. Now click this attribute to pick an image from your File Manager. Easy!

Here's an example (the links don't actually go anywhere useful in this example):

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How to apply a custom block template?

When you have your page in edit mode, click the block you wish to manipulate. From the pop-up list, choose "Custom Templates". This will display a list of available custom templates. Simply choose the appropriate one and click "Save". Done!