Clean, modern design.

New Blue is the ultimate solution for a beautiful business website.

272-windows2x.png Fully Responsive

The entire theme automatically adjusts the layout depending on the size of the browser, so your website looks fab on large widescreen monitors and small smartphone screens. It looks beautiful on iPhone, iPad, and Android, no sweat. The navigation menu is even responsive. Very smart!

17-check2x_copy_newblue.pngLots of Layouts

With 10 different page types included, this theme is flexible enough for almost any website. Included are: home, home complex, 2 column, 3 column, 4 column, double sidebar, left sidebar, right sidebar, full width, and blog post. A custom block template for the "page list" block, which includes an optional thumbnail image for each page, is included to make any blog look awesome... instantly!

20-circle-east2x_copy_newblue.pngEasy to Use

New Blue provides 44 customisable styles so you can adjust the navigation menu, link colours and text colours so easily. You can personalise this theme for your site just the way you want it.

headset_clock.pngExpert Support

We stand behind our add-ons & themes. If you have a post-sale question, just open a support request via the Concrete5 marketplace and we'll respond quickly. Or for a pre-sale question, just send us a Private Message (PM) via the Concrete5 website.

Built-in Responsive Slider

This theme also supports a responsive slider using a Custom Page Attribute C5Extras Theme Slider File Set which accepts a File Set name. Once you've grouped your slider images in a File Set just input the File Set name in the Custom Page Attribute and save and refresh the page to see the result.

31-circle-plus2x_newblue.pngFEATURED CUSTOM BLOCK TEMPLATE: NB Image Caption

New Blue has a cool custom block template image caption for you. It will give your images a sleek and edgy appearance. For more details on the custom block template visit the Block Templates page inside Stying.

White Vintage Car

Classic Orange Car